Hiring a Denver Slip & Fall Lawyer

The parameters of a slip and fall case can be very confusing, there is a lot of grey area. If you think that you were injured due to a slip and fall, you best option would be to call upon a Denver lawyer to see if they can give you any advice. You will want to find a law firm that offers an initial consultation at no cost, this way if your instance was not a slip and fall case for court, you are not out any more. Donaldson Law, LLC are a Denver based personal injury law firm who offer a no charge initial consultation as well as take on slip and fall cases. It is up to businesses and households to ensure that anyone who steps onto their property is going to be safe. It is their full responsibility. Which is why if you were injured on their property you should think about hiring a lawyer.


You do have two years to file your slip and fall claim, but it would be in your best interest to contact a lawyer sooner than later. The longer you wait the harder it is to prove that the injuries you suffered from are from that exact instance. Your Denver slip and fall lawyer will be very through with you and will note down everything you can explain about the accident. The more information you can give your attorney the stronger of a case they can put together for you. Slip and fall is just one portion of a possible premises liability.

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