Starting Your Career As a Marine Lawyer

The job of a marine lawyer is to provide assistance to the clients who get injured at sea. For all the personal injuries such as slips and falls, broken bones, passenger ferry injuries, falling overboard etc, a marine lawyer help his clients getting compensation.

Maritime injuries don’t fall under the worker’s compensation regulation, however, there are investigated by the officials under the federal and general maritime law. A marine lawyer provide assistance to his clients in providing legal advice, prepare their claims, provide assistance in getting proper medical treatment and negotiates to obtain the best possible compensation. If the parties involved don’t reach an agreement, a marine lawyer takes the case to the court of law according to

1. After finishing your high school, take admission in four years of undergraduate program and earn a Bachelor’s degree. Most of the law schools demand bachelor’s degree as their admission requirement. Law schools normally takes three to five years after your undergraduate degree program, depending upon the program you take, i.e. full time or part time program.

2. The next important step after earning your bachelor’s degree is to take LSAT test. This test is designed to test your analytical, verbal, problem solving and reasoning skills. You can prepare it on your own or you can take any preparation course. Remember, your high score in the test raises the chances of getting into a prestigious law school. You can take the test more than one time in order to improve the score. The Law School Administration Council holds this test four times in a year with one time registration charges of $136. You have to pay this sum each time you take the test.

3. Make a list of selected law schools and send your admission file to all of them. Your admission file normally consists of your schools records, LSAT scores, application form, a resume, and details of extra-curricular activities. Some law schools also demand letter of recommendations, admission essays and statements of motivation. Make sure that you gather all the required documents before the deadlines.

4. Remember, law is really tough. You have to work really very hard to survive in the law school. You have to spend much of your time in library, reading and studying marine cases independently. Don’t take law school casually. If you want to do well, you have to stick to a proper plan.

5. If you are lucky enough, you might get an internship at your law school otherwise look for law firms in your area and discuss with them the possibility of getting an internship or a part time job. This will give you a good idea about how things work in professional environment and how marine cases are handled.

6. During second and third year of your law school, you will get an opportunity to choose the courses related to your area of specialization. You should go for marine law courses and study marine law cases individually.

7. Earn your Juris Doctor degree and take the bar association exam.

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